Fertility Enhancement

Dr. Park is one of three licensed acupuncturists in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to obtain a specific and nationally recognized certification in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. This certification was granted by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) after completion of advanced training in fertility enhancement and gives her the nationally recognized title as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM). See ABORM's website by clicking on their logo to the left.

Dr. Park became interested in fertility enhancement after having two successful pregnancies in her later 30s and early 40s. With two happy and healthy children, she understands the love and joy that comes with parenthood and wishes to help other families experience these feelings through their own healthy pregnancies. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successfully utilized for centuries to increase fertility and promote safe pregnancies, thereby optimizing the chances of carrying a healthy fetus to full term. Because of Dr. Park’s advanced training, she understands Western medicine fertility techniques and works with patients undergoing assisted reproductive techniques (e.g. IVF and IUI) with their physicians.
Fertility enhancement in Traditional Chinese Medicine is analogous to gardening. The most important thing for the development of a healthy plant is balanced nourishment (fertile soil, water and sunshine). This holds true for pregnancies as well – balanced nourishment (energetic, nutritional and emotional) allows the mother's body to function idealy and in turn nourish the developing fetus. In gardening, the soil must be prepared to support a growing seedling. This can take time, depending on the original state of the soil. Likewise, preparing a man to produce healthy sperm or a women to produce healthy eggs and a welcoming uterus can take time, depending on the original state of the body's health.

Typically, initial treatments are designed to realign the body so that the sexual organs are nourished and can perform at peak levels. In men, this allows the body to produce healthy and vibrant sperm so that the chance of fertilization increases. In women, this translates into ovaries that produce and release viable eggs and a well-nourished uterus for the fertilized eggs to attach to and mature into healthy fetuses. With Oriental Reproductive Medicine, treatments typically do not end once conception occurs – this would be like not watering the seedling. Depending on the individual’s history, a few treatments may be needed up to a certain point in the pregnancy to increase the chance of carrying to full term.

To maximize treatment effectiveness, patients may be asked to actively participate by taking individually-tailored herbal formulas, avoid or eat specific foods, perform specific stress-free exercises, or apply heat to specific acupuncture points on their abdomen. Not all patients are requested to do all or some of these things, but requested activities are designed to reduce the number of treatments and overall time before a successful pregnancy occurs.
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