Allergy-related Information

Many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area suffer from allergy-related illnesses thanks to our geographical location. Winds constantly change and bring with them different pollens and allergens from surrounding regions of the US. Our own urbanization also leads to days with elevated air pollution - primarily due to ozone. Below is a link that will help you stay informed about our region's current air conditions.
The North Central Texas Council of Governments provides hourly updates on the Metroplex's ozone levels. To view their interactive map and for more information about our air quality, click on this text.
Air Quality / Ozone Indicator
Many patients visit our clinic because of unexplainable skin conditions. The majority of these cases are allergy-related and effectively treated using NAET, acupuncture (acupressure for children), and food therapy. The images below are of two patients showing their skin before, during and after treatments.

Graceful Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

The Nature-Friendly Way of Mind-Body-Soul Healing
Allergy-related Skin Conditions
abdomen%20no%20flash%20-%20thumbnail.jpg 100_1302%20-%20thumbnail.jpg sam_0104%20-%20thumbnail.jpg forearms%20(before)%20thumbnail.jpg forearms%20(after)%20-%20thumbnail.jpg 100_1301%20-%20thumbnail.jpg thigh%20(after)%20-%20thumbnail.jpg thigh%20(before)%20-%20thumbnail.jpg thigh%20(middle)%20-%20thumbnail.jpg
Female - 12 Years Old
Male - 8 Years Old
back%20(after)%20(thumb).jpg back%20(before)%20(thumb).jpg back%20(during)%20(thumb).jpg calf%20(after)%20(thumb).jpg calf%20(before)%20(thumb).jpg sacral%20(after)%20(thumb).jpg sacral%20(before)%20(thumb).jpg sacral%20(during)%20(thumb).jpg
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